What is FastTag? Complete Guide About Fastag 2020

What is Fastag?| If you too grieve to travel, throw the road, and you have a four-wheel vehicle, then this article is for you.

You will often see a lot of toll plazas on the highway. In which we all have to face a lot of difficulties while paying toll charges.

For example, many vehicles had to face many problems such as long queues and change money.

Keeping this problem in mind, Nitin Gadkari, the Road Transport and Highways Minister of our country, made a rule named Fas Tag.

In this article, we will know the full detail of What is Fastag for Vehicle? and how it is work?

This will apply to all vehicles. If it is not sharp, you will have to pay double.
Fastag will save you both time and fuel.

Important Notice– Protect your self from CoronaVirus.

And at the toll plaza, you will get rid of the long queue of de unnecessary. This act will be applicable to all vehicles normally.

what is Fastag?

How Useful is FASTag 

  • Save Time & Fuel 
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Go Digital
  • Fast Payment Via Online 
  • Easy To use

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 What is FASTag? 

Fastag is a prepaid rechargeable tag to collect a very simple toll collect. Fastag allows automated payment deductions. With the help of Fastag, while passing through the toll plaza,

with the help of this tag, you can pay the quick payment in a few seconds.

This entire process is automated. It is applicable in the usual manner to all vehicle owners. Fastag is the most useful tag for using cash payments on toll plazas and for preventing long queues at toll plazas.

This tag works on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology.

Fastag is mounted on the windscreen of your vehicle. This tag is a perfect solution once activated which goes away.

By Fastag, you can ride without any hassle. Fastag is optional at the moment. You will get this facility on a few national highways.

But over time you will get to see almost all the national and state highways.

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What are the Benefits of Using FASTag?

By using this tag, you can save toll plazas lines, cash payments, time and fuel.
With the introduction of this tag, you will get many facilities.

Like you will be able to pay your toll in Minto without giving cash. Overall there is an advantageous deal for you. Which is made for our convenience only.

How Many Times of Validity of Tag?

The validity of this tag is five years. If your tag gets cut in this time or the tag gets damaged in any way, then you can apply this tag and get it rebuilt.

How to Buy And activate your Tag?

Fastag has become mandatory for everyone, you can get it from point of sale from this for toll plaza or from a bank tied up by NAHI.

But today, Nahi has also tied up with private sector bank which includes HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Syndicate Bank, Axis Bank, and Paytm bank in state bank of India (SBI) payment bank.
You can get Fastag ordered by ordering from Amazon.

How Do I Add Money?

If you have activated your Fastag then you can now connect it to either your bank or Paytm bank. The excess is added to this Paytm.

You have to click on Add Wallet. You will get many such options with the help of which you can add payments.

How can I Recharge My Paytm?

You do not have to do any separate processing to add a payment. All you have to do with your Paytm account of this tag or any other bank which is connected by NAHI is to connive with it.

Whenever you use this tag on the toll plaza, your payment will be automatically deducted.

 How Can I Get FASTag?

To buy this tag, you can order POS from the nearest location or even bank or online store Amazon. This tag is very easy to get.

What are the Charges for Tag?

If you have added this tag to the payment method, then you can easily add the payment with this method.

What are the documents required for FASTag?

To get this tag, you need to have the following document which is distributed in the points given below.

This document will have to be moved to your nearest POS point.

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (R.C)
  • Passport Size Photograph (of the owner)
  • For which one of the following driving licenses, Aadhaar card, passport, PAN card.

It is mandatory for the customer to take Xerox copy and original copy of all these documents. (For document verification)

Is Tag Mandatory?

Right now all these toll plazas are not indispensable as tolls have not yet been upgraded for this tag. Therefore, it is optional now.

But you have not yet done this purchase, so you should do this purchase now. Because after some time it will be applicable to all vehicles.

Is Tag mandatory for new cars?

If you have a car or a large vehicle, whether new or old, this tag will be applicable to all vehicles.
A Yash Tag has been created just for fasting payment at the toll plaza.

Where do I stick my FASTag sticker?

It is also very easy to place this tag. This tag should be placed on the center of your vehicle’s windscreen. This is the right place.

fastag infograph

Final Word,

I hope that with the help of this article you will understand that What is this Fastag? And how is it useful to you, and how is it used.

You must have understood this article in full detail. And I hope that after this knowledge you will be able to take correct decisions easily.
Our opinion is just for you, if you have a vehicle, then you should take it for your vehicle.

Because of the upcoming feature digital, you can also contribute with the help of this tag to promote Digital India. And to make toll plazas easier and save fuel.


How it Work Fastag?

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