Coronavirus Live Update in India, Italy, USA-2020 [Updated]

Coronavirus Live Update in India 2020| The novel coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China. Which has now spread to Italy, America, French, UK and now India too. And matters related to this are now getting bigger day by day.
In such a situation, it is our duty that we keep giving you live updates of all the cases related to it so that you too can avoid this severe epidemic.

virus live update

Coronavirus live Updates for in the World

This disease has now taken the form of a huge disease, which is showing its evil effect in about 196 countries of the world.

The number of people dying from this is increasing day by day in thousands. In such a situation, it has taken the form of the Maha Mary of the 20th century.

Be protect from- Corona Virus

Coronavirus live update in China

As we all know that this virus originated from China itself. Therefore, it was number one on the list of most patients. But now countries like Italy and America are going after it.

The number of people suffering from this virus in China is given in the table below.

Total CasesDeathsTill Dates
82747463220 April

Coronavirus live update in Italy

Italy is the second-largest affected country by the virus. In this country too, the number of Patients has increased rapidly.
Despite being the number one system in the world’s health, this country is forced to kneel in front of this disease.

Total CasesDeathsTill Dates
178,97223,66020 April

Coronavirus live update in the USA

After China and Italy, America is not left with this disease. This disease has also increased very rapidly.

Total CasesDeathsTill Dates
764,26540,56520 April

Coronavirus live update in India

India comes second in the world in population after China. This disease is currently in the second phase in India.

But the tough step by the Prime Minister of India to lock down the entire country for 21 days lockdown is protecting this country from the grip of this disease.

And the number of patients in this country is a lot of work compared to other countries.

Total CasesDeathsTill Dates
1761555920 April

The barbs shown above are not enough. 196 countries have come out of this virus in the whole world.

covid 19 country wise patient list

In such a situation, we and everyone need to avoid this disease very much.

The countries involved in the virus include Spain, Germany, Iran, France, Sutherland, as well as Coria, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, etc.

Our Appeal,

Our only appeal to you is that you take this virus very seriously. Because of the way it is spreading from the world, it is clear from this that we have to make every effort to avoid the human race.

To avoid this, you have asked the government and health experts to follow the rules and follow the tax and others should follow it.

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